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4ft Flexible Auxiliary Cable


  • Connects Multiple Devices To Sound Systems: Use it to link to your car or home’s stereo systems in connection with your smartphones, laptops, tablets, portable audio players and other compatible devices.
  • Flexible Coil For Easy Use: The cable features a flexible coil that allows it to fit into a particular space without risk of damage from severe overuse.
  • Better Audio Reproduction: This will allow to use your most common devices for stronger audio reproduction and playback whether it’s a phone call, your favorite songs or presenting videos from your laptops/tablets.
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With the Armor All™ 4ft Flexible Auxiliary Cable, you can easily connect multiple devices for the best possible audio experiences. Easily linking to items with a 3.5mm input, it’s useable when connecting to home or car stereo systems from your smartphones, laptops, tablets, portable audio players, etc. The flexible coil allows it to fit in particular spaces without risking damage from frequent use. Get stronger sound playback from your favorite devices with the 4ft Flexible Auxiliary Cable.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 4 oz
Packaging Dimensions 4.37 × 0.75 × 5.43 in


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