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AVT8-1002-BLK OOP2

12-Volt Auxiliary Power Socket with Two USBs


  • Connects Directed Into Your Vehicle’s Electrical System
  • Adds Another Power Source Up To 12 Volts
  • Easy To Mount and Install (2 Screws Included With The Package)
  • LED Light Indicator: This light indicator spotlights when your connected devices are fully charging.
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Add an additional power source to your car with the Armor All Auxiliary Power Socket with Two USBs. Connecting directly into your vehicle’s electrical system. Easy to mount and install, this piece features two additional USB ports where you can directly connect other compatible devices for charging. There is also an LED Indicator Light which will showcase your items while they’re charging and connected without issue.  The result is an additional source to connect Bluetooth, GPS devices, Smartphones, Tablets, or other items into a multi-pronged outlet. Get powered up today with the 12-Volt Auxiliary Power Socket.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 6 oz
Packaging Dimensions 4.53 × 1.97 × 8.27 in


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