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Advanced Garage Parking Sensor, LED light


  • Advanced garage parking sensor with ultrasonic wave sensor
  • Long sensor cable (5.6 feet): for flexible placement
  • LED light fixture: provides visual guidance
  • Easy installation and suitable for various garage sizes
  • Helps prevent accidents and vehicle damage
  • Perfect for tight spaces and low-light conditions
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Upgrade your garage with our advanced garage parking sensor. Designed to provide accurate and convenient parking assistance, this sensor ensures you park your vehicle safely and effortlessly every time. With its ultrasonic wave sensor, long sensor cable, and LED light fixture, parking has never been easier.

Our garage parking sensor features an ultrasonic wave sensor that detects the distance between your vehicle and obstacles, providing real-time feedback to help you park with precision. The sensor cable reaches an impressive 5.6 feet, giving you flexibility in sensor placement and ensuring optimal coverage in your garage. No more worries about scraping walls or damaging your vehicle.

The LED light fixture adds an extra layer of convenience by providing visual cues. As you approach the ideal parking spot, the LED light changes color, guiding you to the perfect position. This makes parking in tight spaces or low-light conditions a breeze.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 8 oz
Packaging Dimensions 3.5 × 2.6 × 8.3 in


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