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Audio Aux Cassette 3.5mm Adapter


  • Works With Car Cassette Player: Link our adapter to your vehicle’s cassette player and convert it to work with newer items.
  • Useable With Multiple Devices: Use it to connect your smartphone, tablet or other compatible devices for playing music or making hands-free calls without getting distracted.
  • Easy-To-Install: Just plug your adapter into the player and link the 3.5mm wire into a port on your items without any complicated setups or add-ons.
  • Plug/Answer Button: A simple button at the end of your wire allows you to answer/end phone calls, scroll through your existing library for specific music or for voice recognition.

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For those whose cars still have a cassette player, you might think you have no way to upgrade your setup. The Armor All™ Audio Aux Cassette 3.5mm Adapter allows you to upgrade everything instantly. Plug it directly into your car’s player and link it to compatible devices. Useable with smartphones, tablets and other items, connect the plug into them and you’ll be able answer phone calls or listen to music while you’re driving. A small button on the end of the plug gives you the option to answer or end calls when it’s connected to your phone. It also serves multiple purposes when listening to songs, going through your existing library or using voice recognition. Evolve your car’s cassette player with the Audio Aux Cassette 3.5mm Adapter from Armor All.

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Packaging Weight 3.36 oz
Packaging Dimensions 4.5 × 1 × 6.75 in


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